10 best tips to have healthy nails

When you have healthy nails it makes your hand look more youthful and makes your hands appear polished and smart. You can be any type of person who loves nail colors or want to have polish-free nails but it is important to have strong and healthy nails that give you more confidence and a good appearance. And for that, you need to know what exactly should be done to your nails to keep them well-groomed.

How to get your nails strong?


You must be thinking this tip is for healthy skin but no this is a fact that is overlooked by many people. You should give some extra attention to your nails while applying moisturizers on your hands and legs and do not let the nails fry which can lead to many unhealthy factors. No one likes to have dry and brittle nails so it’s good to moisturize them from time to time. 

Less water usage 

You should be quite concerned while having water usage. It is not like you should just stop to wash your hands or use gloves while bathing but yes the time your nails spend in contact with the water should be reduced. It is because the water makes your nails weak and affects their structure as well. 

The cuticles 

It is a common practice to cut or to push back and try to remove the cuticles from your nails but remember it is not a good practice. Many dermatologists and also nail experts have recommended that having a cuticle is like having a protective seal for your nails. 

If the cuticles are eliminated then your nails can have an infection and other effects which can leave them vulnerable and painful. 

The effects of seasons

According to the different seasons like winter and summers, there should be extra care given to your hairs. For example, the winter season causes dryness and roughness to your skin, hairs, and as well as nails. The cells of your nails can repetitively contract or expand if they undergo an excessive change in temperature. Like if in the summer season after a chilling environment in your office you are out in extremely hot temperatures outside.

Therefore in such conditions, you can always ask for help from someone or a professional who is good at nail cares. The best option for healthy nails is having a healthy lifestyle, proper routine, and some nail tools to give extra pampering to them. 

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