Tips to pull off a Sartorial Style

Is there a set of fixed rules on something as impalpable as masculine elegance? In fact, yes: the sartorial style, the one that you can conquer with culture and years of attendance of the best artisans, comes from a set of laws not written almost mathematical. The width of the tie, the knot, the choice of materials and accessories: everything is regulated by the axioms that make the personal style look like the geometry. You might be interested to know more about men’s latest fashion.

1. The Broken Dress

The broken jacket has four horn buttons, hand-made buttonholes even at the wrists and can also be worn with jeans as long as this is also sartorial. When wearing the jacket, always remember that the first button should not be fastened.

2. The Right Pants

Are the elegant trousers with lapel or without? The lapel is present in an elegant look by day or in an informal look, for the evening instead the trousers are strictly at the bottom smooth.

3. The Real Elegant Shirt

The shirt is always white in the evening, with rock colors if sporty. The button down shirt should never be buttoned around the neck and not worn with a tie.

4. The Knot of the Tie

The tie must always have the perfect knot, no matter what type as long as it is always well knotted, with the wider blade, the outer one, which just covers the belt and the shorter inner tail.

5. The choice of the Belt

The belt must be of the same color and leather of the shoes.

6. The Shoes to Match with the Dress

The shoe must always be well polished. Of course it is advisable to choose an Oxford or a Derby. Sneakers are not banned; they can be worn, but only with a sporty day dress, without a tie.

7. The Right Accessory: the Watch

A nice watch, maybe vintage and ultra-flat, is the best precious accessory for a sartorial look. Better to avoid macro models.

8. The Pocket of the Jacket

In the high pocket of the jacket, better if with a boat cut, a silk handkerchief is very good, different shades depending on the occasion never bent squared but always very naturally and with the tips out.

9. The Extra Accessory: the Bag

A beautiful leather bag can give style to an elegant look, but also turn out to be very practical. Better to keep keys, smartphones and other objects in your bag, instead of deforming the trouser pockets.

10. The Final Touch: the Elegant Coat

Even the coat has its rules. For the day better a patterned model, with the hem above the knee. For the evening, better choose a longer one, preferably dark blue or London smoke.

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Gifting Customers the right Corporate Gifts

It is very important to remember that choosing personalized gifts goes well beyond marketing strategy. The chosen product also sends a strong message about your company. You can take help of good at corporate gifts Singapore.

A mug of chop, for example, passes an entirely different message than that of sports gifts.

The first step in choosing personalized gifts

Before starting a campaign with personalized gifts, you should ask yourself some questions to make sure you are on the right path to success.

This process will ensure that you choose the right gift, whether it is delivered to the right people, and most importantly, increase your return on investment made. Answering these five simple questions can make a big difference in your marketing strategy.

 Define who your audience is

First take a few minutes to think about who your audience is.

What kind of toast will be helpful to these people, which product with your logo on the front is able to demonstrate who your company is and your values?

This information is very important not only for a specific campaign, but also for any other communication that your company will carry out. Even the big media always thinks about it.

If your target audience is animal lover, maybe jumping ropes is not a good idea.

Define what your goal is

This question is fundamental:

What is the purpose of this campaign?

After all, the last thing you want to do is burn money with marketing strategies that do not work.

Instead, you should establish what would be the best strategic approach to your campaign. Is there an event coming up? Is it a commemorative date, secretary’s day, for example? Or are you going to send to customers who at times do not buy, to try to bring back old customers?

When you have it set it’s time to go to the next step:

Understand what your customers like

The next thing you should consider before choosing personalized gifts is what your customers will like most. And for that they have not yet invented anything better than to ask directly to them.

87% of people who received a personalized gift can remember the advertiser’s name even after six months of receiving the gift.

You certainly want your freebie to connect with your customers so that they not only use the product regularly but also that they make the link between the freebie and your brand. Creating this link will help create a strong customer base and loyal customers.