The easiest ways to apply nail polish wraps

Your nails also do need some proper care just like your skin and hairs. And that is a way there are now with some easy methods you can make them look smart and elegant. 

Not everyone is capable of applying the nail paints on their hands and especially the left one which is one of the hardest things for any girl. You can now easily switch to nail polish wraps as there are easy to find and easy to apply. 

So now let us have a quick check of how to apply nail polish wraps

Be wise while you are choosing a design 

Some girls have long nails while some have short nails. If you have long nails then an elaborated landscape design will look good on them but not on the short ones. As the short nails have less space to work with you should go with a pattern that is small or repetitive for example you can choose polka dots or vertical or horizontal lines. It also looks good when you have the bulk of your image down near the cuticle. 

Follow certain steps. 

It is always a good option to have your old nail polish removed before you start applying a nail polish wrap. You can choose acetone to wipe out your nails. The next step is to cut the nail polish sticker according to the size of your nail. You can now find options with some of the stickers that are pre-sized to apply them on any of your five fingers. 

The wrap will look good if you apply the stickers near the cuticle as close as possible. After applying hold on to check that it doesn’t remove. If you wish to have some more security for your nails then you can also apply a topcoat to them. In this way, the sticker gets wrapped in and you can feel comfortable with your nails. 

Remove them gently

As easy it is to apply the nail polish wrap the same way it is to remove them. It is somewhat the same as removing any of your nail polish. In acetone try to soak your nails so that the sticker gets loosen from your nails. It is better to soak for at least 10 minutes and by then you can see the sticker start getting removed gently from your nails. 

Such simple steps and you can easily apply a wrap to look stylish and smart. So when are you buying one for yourself?

The biggest mistakes you should avoid when it comes to home decoration

Sometimes people want to either renovate your home or add a new touch to their homes with their home decor. However when they choose to do so it can actually be tricky if we’re not guided in the right way. Home decor is what makes or breaks the look of a house. If you want a home that will really look class apart then it is very important for you to follow the right tips when it comes to decoration.

When it comes to home decoration of in people make some mistakes which destroy the whole look of the house. The aim of a person should be to avoid such mistakes when it comes to decorating their place. Even interior designers make such mistakes so you should call please be on the look out to avoid such mistakes.

Mistakes to avoid when it comes to home décor: 

  • Never style your room in such a manner that you use the same size of everything because then your room will look like a mess. You should have a balance of the size of things that you are going to put in the room and it should be either something where some pieces are small or some are big else the look of the place will be destroyed.
  • When you have a small apartment the biggest mistake you can do is go for dark furniture. Many people lean towards bulky and dark furniture and this makes the room look much more cramped and smaller.
  • Another big mistake is that people do not go for light colour fabrics. Light colour fabrics actually lift the space and this is the reason why it is always recommended.
  • Rugs can completely transform the look of the room and is much more important than you know. The biggest mistake people do while placing rugs is choosing a small rug. A living room drug should actually be the right size and not a very small all it just cheapens the look of everything.
  • Another mistake that people do is when the hang the art to high. You need to put it in the right place maybe at the side of a pile of books or with your side boat. If you place it on a very high location then it can spoil the whole purpose of the art.
  • Never go for the trends. Most people make this mistake of just following the trends blindly. This is a big mistake because not all the trends look good at all times. You must make the look personal. You should ask yourself for this space means to you and then design it accordingly.

Styling your home isn’t as much of a difficult task has it may seem and this is the reason why you should always style your home with the personal touch with metal art pieces or metal hangings creative design  wall clocks .  It is your place of relaxation so it should resonate with you and not with other people. When it comes to making the right choices you can do it by following the right tips and tricks and avoiding any mistakes.

Style up Your Home with DIY Hacks

Your house becomes a home when you give it a personal touch, and put efforts into it. You should be diligent while selecting the decorative item that you put inside your rooms, and give it your vibe. Add some furniture made in USA to your home and make it a heavenly abode.

Work on Your Reading Spot

No particular reading area? No problem. If there are no more properties in your home that can be used as reading areas, design your formal living room so that it functions as a comfortable living room. We would advise you to strategically chooses furniture with intricate and luxurious fabrics and shapes and is ideal for entertaining or relaxing.

Paint it Black

The soft vibe of the black colour in this room makes it feel exclusive and intimate like you will never be able to get a brighter tone. Eclectic furniture is beautiful for the dark and creates a more lively and comfortable atmosphere.

Work on that Fireplace

Think about how to make an empty fireplace. In this structured environment, interior designers generally turn an empty furnace into a small gallery where ceramics and artwork were displayed.

Upgrade that Bookshelf

This home library is a great contemporary idea from traditional design, from ink-coloured wood to modern side chairs to clean-wrapped stairs. You can fill it with books – or add decorative accents and accessories such as vases and statues to break the stupidity of the bookshelves. Or coordinate your colours. Not only does it feel more cohesive, but if you have very bright colours in your collection, they will stand out more.

Give it a Natural Touch

This space is rich in textures that create warmth and dimension. It also has a lot of character, although it adheres to a strict colour palette. Let yourself be inspired by nature for a friendly and down to earth environment. Consider seaweed, rattan, jute, wood, even concrete and marble.

Tidy Up

It might not be what you want to hear because we don’t think cleaning is fun, but adding some parts that make it easier to set up can make a big difference. Consider adding an elegant coat hook or trunk coat next to the front door. Then place a small folding chair underneath that you can sit on when you take off your shoes. It prevents heaps of frightening (and previously inevitable) clothing.

Brighten up Your Walls

Refresh the bathroom by giving a new layer of white paint on the wall. If this means too much commitment, use a magic eraser to touch the stain. This bright, refreshing, and blank background are perfect for a pleasant gallery.